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Meet the Black Bird Tata Car – a car that’s creating a lot of excitement in the car world. It’s Tata’s new compact SUV, and it’s all set to impress. This car is a mix of cool style, good performance, and a reasonable price. People are talking about it and wondering what it will be like. From its cool outside look to the fancy features it promises inside, the Black Bird Tata Car is getting ready to catch the attention of car fans and change what we expect from cars.

Black Bird Tata Car Price 2024

People are really interested in the Black Bird Tata Car, not just because of the cool things it’s expected to have, but also because of how much it might cost. Car fans are excitedly waiting for it to come out, and the price of the Black Bird is a big part of what makes it interesting. Tata is planning to set the price between ₹10 – 16 Lakhs, trying to make it a good deal compared to other compact SUVs in the market.

Note: The provided details are based on expectations and may be subject to change upon official release.

Black Bird Tata Car Images

Black Bird Tata Car Price 2024 Images, Lunch Date

Black Bird Tata Car Price 2024 Images, Lunch Date


The Black Bird Tata Car is getting ready to impress with its cool features. It has a strong 1199.0 cc engine under the hood, giving it a powerful drive. This car is flexible, running on both petrol and diesel to match different preferences. It’s all about saving fuel too, with an expected mileage between 17.4 – 22.4 kmpl.

Feature Details
Engine 1199.0 cc
Fuel Type Petrol, Diesel
Expected Mileage 17.4 – 22.4 kmpl
Transmission Both
Expected Launch Date 15th Feb 2024
Expected Price Range ₹10 – 16 Lakhs*
Seating Capacity 5 Seater

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The outside of the Black Bird Tata Car is made to look really cool and catch people’s attention. It has a sleek and modern design with bold lines, making it stand out as a compact SUV. The shape of the car is aerodynamic, which not only makes it look good but also helps it use less fuel. The front of the car is especially cool, with a stylish grille and LED headlights that make the Black Bird look powerful on the road. If you look at pictures, you can see that the outside design is all about being modern and stylish, making the Black Bird stand out in the world of compact SUVs.


When you step into the Black Bird Tata Car, you’ll find a really spacious and comfy inside made for both the driver and passengers. The inside is created with really good materials, and it looks modern and matches the car’s overall style. There’s lots of room for your legs and head, so passengers can feel super comfortable during rides. Inside, there will be cool features like a touchscreen system for entertainment, climate control to set the right temperature, and a great audio system. Look at Audi A4 Price Delhi.

To sum it up, the Black Bird Tata Car looks like it’s going to be really exciting in 2024. It has cool features, a price range between ₹10 – 16.5 Lakhs, and there’s a bit of mystery about when it will be launched in february 2024. The expected price makes it a good choice among compact SUVs. With a stylish outside and a comfy, tech-savvy inside, it seems like it will be great to drive.