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The Ford Bronco was first introduced in 1965 and fast became a symbol of American exploration and adventure. It stood out with its unique design and strong performance, making a name for itself in off-road vehicles. After taking a break, Ford brought back the Bronco in 2021, keeping the spirit of the original model but adding new technology and features. The cost of the Ford Bronco in India is expected to reflect not only the manufacturing and import costs but also the premium associated with owning an iconic off-road vehicle.

Ford Bronco Price in India 2024

Finally, we know how much the Ford Bronco will cost in India—it’s around ₹2,656,400. But remember, this is just the starting price. The actual cost you pay might go up because of things like taxes and import duties. The price shows that the Bronco is seen as a fancy and iconic SUV in India. If you’re thinking about getting one, you can now think about the cool features it has and how it looks outside and inside compared to the price.

Ford Bronco Price in India 2024


With a lineup of robust engine options, the Bronco delivers varying levels of horsepower and torque, ensuring a thrilling driving experience. Its 4×4 drivetrain and advanced off-road features, such as a Terrain Management System, make it a formidable off-road companion.

Specification Details
Engine Options Varies by Trim Level
Horsepower Ranges from X to Y horsepower
Torque Ranges from X to Y lb-ft
Fuel Efficiency X MPG (City), Y MPG (Highway)
Drivetrain 4×4 (Four-Wheel Drive)
Transmission Automatic/Manual (depending on variant)
Off-Road Features Terrain Management System, 4×4 Capabilities
Suspension System Independent Front/Rear Suspension
Ground Clearance X inches
Exterior Features LED Headlights, Removable Doors and Roof Panels
Interior Features Touchscreen Infotainment, Smartphone Connectivity
Safety Features Varied Driver-Assistance Technologies


The outside look of the Ford Bronco gives a nod to its rich history but also includes modern touches. It has a tough and square shape, like the classic Bronco, but with new things like LED headlights, bold grilles, and special body lines. The strong build and being up high off the ground show that the Bronco is really good for off-road adventures. Plus, you can take off the doors and roof panels for a personalized driving feel. The way it looks on the outside shows that Ford is all about keeping the old style but also bringing in new and cool ideas. Verna Car Price is also given here.


When you step into the Ford Bronco, you’ll find a mix of comfy vibes and a sense of adventure. The inside is made for everyday driving and off-road adventures. The seats are comfy, and they use good-quality materials. Plus, there are cool tech things like a touch screen for music and maps, connecting your smartphone, and tools to help you drive better. The inside of the Bronco isn’t just a regular cabin; it’s like a control center for exploring, blending modern comforts with the wild outdoor spirit.

Ford Bronco Price in India 2024


In summary, the Ford Bronco arriving in India in 2024 is not just a new car; it’s like bringing back a famous off-road hero. We now know it’s going to cost around ₹2,656,400, but remember, there might be extra costs like taxes and import duties. The Ford Bronco is special because it has cool features, a mix of old and new looks outside, and a comfy inside perfect for adventures.