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Do you dream of driving a massive truck or bus down the open road? If so, then you’re in luck! Before you can start living that dream, it’s important to know that operating these sizeable vehicles requires specialized skills and training. This is where a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) comes in.

A CDL is a professional license that entitles the holder to drive large commercial cars and buses on public roads. While obtaining a CDL may seem daunting, it’s easier than you think with proper training and guidance. In this guide, we’ll take you through the steps that cover your questions on “How to Become a Truck Driver in Texas”, including what type of license is required, how to obtain it, and where to find quality training programs.

How to Become a Truck Driver in Texas?

To enrol in one of the Texas truck driving schools, an age limit of 21 years or older must cross state lines. A normal driving record is crucial as safety is paramount when operating such large vehicles. Normal vision and hearing, as well as normal blood pressure, are also necessary to drive. You can research different options for truck driver training. There are various programs available, such as those offered by CDL schools or through company-sponsored training. Consider cost and time commitment when selecting a program that works best for you.

Given below are some of the steps that will help you to become Texas truck drivers. 

How to Become a Truck Driver in Texas

Pass The Regular Driver’s License Test In Your State

Before getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Texas, you must have a valid regular driver’s license. The cost of obtaining this license ranges from $20 to $90, depending on your age and other factors. So if you haven’t already obtained one, now is the time.

Study Texas traffic laws and regulations to Pass the regular driver’s license test. Practice driving in different weather conditions and on various types of roads. You can hire an instructor for additional guidance and practice behind the wheel.

Obtain A High School Diploma Or GED

Obtaining a high school diploma or GED is another important thing you can do. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most employers require this basic education as a prerequisite for employment.

The good news is that obtaining a GED is easy and can be done in as little as four months at an affordable cost. In most states, including Texas, acquiring a GED costs between $80 and $140. With just a small investment of time and money, you can open up new opportunities for yourself in the trucking industry. 

Start With Formal Education

Another great place to start is with formal education. Community colleges, private truck driving schools, and even trucking firms offer training programs to help you learn everything you need to know about driving a big rig.

Before jumping into these programs, it’s important to research the CDL test requirements for your state. In Texas, for example, applicants must meet certain criteria set by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) before earning their license. This includes passing written and skills tests for driving a commercial vehicle. Applicants must have held a valid non-commercial driver’s license for at least one year before applying for their CDL.

Acquire A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

A CDL allows drivers to operate specific types and sizes of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) on public roads. When it comes to obtaining a CDL, size and weight matter. The type of license you need depends on the size and weight of the vehicle you plan on driving. For example, a Class A CDL is necessary if you want to haul large loads. With this license, drivers can operate CMVs weighing over 26,001 pounds with a trailer weighing over 10,000 pounds.

How to get a CDL in Texas

Job Placement Assistance Is Available

Many trucking associations offer their members career counselling and job placement services. This means you cannot only receive guidance on how to be a truck driver, but also connect with potential employers.

Utilizing these resources ensures that your journey toward becoming a truck driver is smooth and successful. Career counselling can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide advice on the best training programs and certifications. Meanwhile, job placement services can help match you with employers who are finding drivers for their trucks with their specific qualifications.

Whether you’re just starting or looking for a career change, don’t underestimate the value of job placement assistance when it comes to becoming a successful truck driver Texas.

Complete The Completion Program Offered By Your Employer

This program is designed to take you from zero experience to a fully licensed and capable truck driver. The training lasts between three and four weeks, depending on your commitment level and previous experience.

During the completion program, you will receive hands-on supervised driving practice alongside seasoned professionals. This is an excellent opportunity to learn from those who have been in the industry for years, giving you invaluable insight into what it takes to make a successful career as a truck driver. You will also receive classroom instruction covering everything from safety regulations and compliance issues to basic maintenance techniques that help keep your vehicle running smoothly on the road.

By completing this comprehensive training program, you’ll be well-prepared for any challenges that come your way as a truck driver Texas.

Career Paths For Truck Drivers In Texas

How to Become a Truck Driver in Texas

Truck driving is a popular career choice, especially in Texas, where the transportation industry is booming. Also, they’re making money from this skill. There are various career paths for truck drivers to choose from based on their skills and interests. Some of the most common career paths for truck drivers in Texas include long-haul, regional, and local delivery.

Long-haul trucking involves driving across the country to deliver goods over long distances. This type of driving requires endurance and patience as it can take days or weeks. Regional trucking involves shorter trips within a specific region or state, often allowing drivers to be home more frequently than long-haul driving. Local delivery is another option for delivering goods within a smaller geographic area such as a city or county.

There are also opportunities for specialized types of truck driving, such as hazardous materials transport or oversized loads. If you want to know how much distance an oversized loaded truck can cover, visit our webpage on the range of a semi-truck.


Becoming a truck driver in Texas requires dedication, hard work, and the ability to follow through with the necessary steps. By completing all the steps on how to become a truck driver in Texas, you can be well on your way to a fulfilling career as a truck driver in Texas. With the high demand for truck drivers in the state, plenty of opportunities are available for those willing to put in the effort. So if you are ready to take the first step towards an exciting new career, apply now! Don’t wait any longer to pursue your dreams of becoming a successful truck driver in Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a truck driver in Texas?

Truck driving in Texas is a popular career choice, and many trucking schools and training programs are available. It typically takes around three to four weeks to complete CDL training, which includes both classroom learning and practical driving experience. 

Is Texas good for truck drivers?

Texas is a great place to be a truck driver. The cities in Texas are all very livable and have plenty of jobs and resources. Dallas is a thriving city with one of the highest concentrations of jobs in the country, making it an ideal place to start your truck driving career.