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In these simple 4 steps, you will be able to learn How to Change Mileage on a Car. Car mileage is a measurement of an estimate of how much a car can travel with a litre of fuel in it. In a vehicle, it also tells how much the car has travelled so far. The device that calculates and tells these stats is called an odometer. When selling a car, some owners try to change the values of the odometer which is an unethical thing. They use different fraud techniques which help them sell their vehicle. So, you must know what things they do to change the readings. Here we are sharing how the mileage on a car can be changed in four simple steps.

How to Change Mileage on a Car

It is true that changing or tempering the readings of the odometer that are showing the mileage on a car is an unethical way. It is also an illegal thing to do. But in some cases, it is really necessary to change the mileage. For instance, the engine of the car has changed recently. Similarly, you have changed some components of the car. In these cases, you want to make some changes to the odometer. So, the procedure of How to Change Mileage on a Car is given below.

Step 1: Electronic Control Units

The Electronic Control Units monitor the systems in the car. It controls the electric systems in the vehicle. It also manages the fuel consumption so you can measure these details. Follow the given steps to change the mileage on the car.

  • Connect the OBD-II scanner with the car’s computer. Use a USB cable to connect them.
  • Now search for the EEPROM chip. It is located on the circuit board of the Electronic Control Unit of the vehicle.
  • Once you connect the scanner, open the software and choose the “ECU programming” option.
  • The other option is “Mileage Correction” which can be chosen depending on the type of software.
  • Now follow the instructions and proceed towards the completion. This will give you different options for customizing the vehicle.

Step 2: Using GPS System

A GPS system is really helpful because it has several features and you can change the car mileage through it. You have to check first whether your car has one or not because they are not found in older models. Connect the GPS with the computer of your vehicle. You must connect the software also. Once connected, you can now access the features of the odometer. One of the features is to change the mileage.

Step 3: Cluster Replacement

If you are changing the cluster of your vehicle, this can help you access the way of changing the mileage. First, you have to remove the screws that are holding the cluster. Remove the panels from your dashboard. Now disconnect the wiring from the electric source connected with the cluster. Now add the new cluster and connect the wiring with it. In some cases, it will show new readings. So, if you want old readings, it depends on the model of the vehicle. This can be seen on the user manual of your vehicle.

Step 4: Replacing Chip

An EEPROM chip on an odometer records information about the vehicle’s mileage. It saves the records including the odometer reading, diagnostic trouble codes, history of service, security data, and others. Therefore, the readings on the odometer can be changed if someone with some expertise replaces the chip in your meter. But you must remember that this is an illegal step.

What is an Odometer?

On the meter of your vehicle, there is a device named Odometer. It displays the distance traveled by your vehicle. You get different information like the distance travelled by the vehicle. This reading can be used to find several things including maintenance scheduling, fuel consumption, etc. The meter calculates these values on the basis of the number of rotations by the wheels of the vehicle. This kind of information is necessary when you are selling or purchasing a used car. The sale value of the car is determined by different factors and one of them is how much it has traveled.

Should I Buy A Car with a Reset Odometer?

A reset odometer means that the owner has tempered the figures that show how much it has travelled. It means if the car’s real mileage is 24,000 km, but it has been changed to a smaller number, the owner will ask for more value but in reality, the value is not what he’s asking. So, you should avoid buying a car with a reset odometer. Read How to Check Mileage on Tesla Model 3.


How Can I Reset My Odometer Legally?

If you have changed any part like the engine of your vehicle, consult the Motor Vehicle Department. Tell them about why you want to change it and get the permission.

How to Increase the Mileage of Your Car?

Consider driving on higher gears, putting low weight on your vehicle, doing regular maintenance, and controlling speed. These steps will help you increase the mileage of your car.

We must tell you that changing the mileage of your car is not legal or ethical. This post is for informational purposes, and these steps can be followed if the reason for changing the readings is genuine. So, that’s all about How to Change Mileage on a Car. The complete guide with simple steps is given in this post.