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Within the ever-evolving Indian automotive industry, Kia Motors has consistently entranced consumers with its blend of innovation and style. As we embark on the journey into 2024, Kia is gearing up for the highly awaited debut of its 11-seater car, a vehicle that promises to reshape the notion of family travel. This piece takes a deep dive into the intriguing features of the Kia 11 Seater Car and navigates through its pricing dynamics in the Indian market.

Kia 11 Seater Car Price In India 2024

The latest price for the Kia Carnival car is Rs 40 lakh, it’s crucial to note that car prices can be influenced by factors such as variants, features, locations, and any updates or changes made by the manufacturer. Prospective buyers should thoroughly research and consider test-driving the car to ensure it meets their specific requirements and preferences. Additionally, staying informed about any changes in pricing or features is essential for making an informed purchasing decision.

Kia 11 Seater Car Price In India 2024


When it comes to performance, comfort, and technology, our vehicle excels in every aspect. Below, you’ll find a concise breakdown of its key specifications, providing you with a glimpse into the power, design, and features that make this car stand out.

Specification Details
Engine Type V6 or Inline-4 (Petrol/Diesel)
Engine Displacement [Insert Engine Displacement] cc
Transmission Automatic Transmission
Power Output [Insert Horsepower and Torque Figures]
Fuel Type Petrol/Diesel
Fuel Efficiency [Insert Fuel Efficiency Figures]
Drivetrain Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) or All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
Seating Capacity 11
Wheelbase [Insert Wheelbase in mm]
Dimensions (L x W x H) [Insert Length x Width x Height in mm]
Turning Radius [Insert Turning Radius in meters]
Suspension Front – [Insert Front Suspension Type], Rear – [Insert Rear Suspension Type]
Brakes Front/Rear Disc Brakes
Tyres [Insert Tyre Size and Type]
Safety Features Airbags, ABS, Electronic Stability Control, Parking Sensors
Infotainment System Touchscreen Display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
Connectivity Bluetooth, USB, Aux-In
Interior Features Leather Upholstery, Multi-Zone Climate Control, Adjustable Seating
Exterior Features LED Headlights, Signature Kia Grille, Roof Rails


The outside look of the Kia 11 Seater Car will show how Kia cares about looking modern and useful. It will be smooth and cool outside, made with care for how air moves around it and how it looks. You’ll probably see familiar Kia design stuff, like the special tiger-nose front and cool LED lights. The size and shape of the 11-seater car are important to fit more people without making it hard to drive or see on the road. Imagine a good-looking outside that doesn’t just make the car pretty but also helps it work better. Also check Verna Car Price.

Kia 11 Seater Car Price In India 2024


The inside of the Kia 11 Seater Car is made to be really roomy and comfy, perfect for families or groups of people. Check out how the seats are arranged, what materials are used inside, and the cool stuff like adjustable seats, air conditioning, and entertainment systems.

Kia 11 Seater Car interior

The car will probably have a fancy entertainment system with a touchscreen, a connection for your smartphone, and GPS for directions. There will also be handy things like places to store stuff, USB ports, and other things that make the ride better for both the driver and everyone else. Also check Bajaj Qute Car Price.

To sum it up, the Kia 11 Seater Car Price In India 2024 seems like a good choice for big families or groups. It’s roomy and flexible. The price will likely match the car’s features, how well it performs, and the reputation of the brand. If you’re thinking about getting one, think about what you need, how much you can spend, and what you like in a car.