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The Kia Seltos is a cool and versatile small SUV that’s making a name for itself in the car world. It’s a mix of looking good, performing well, and having fancy technology. Kia Motors, a South Korean car company, made the Seltos, and it’s different because of its unique design with strong lines and a modern style that makes people notice it on the road. Kia Seltos Price in Kerala is given here in this article Besides looking great, the inside is nice too, with cool features and powerful engine choices. Whether you’re driving in the city or going on exciting trips, the Kia Seltos is confident and capable, standing out as a great option in the competitive SUV market.

Kia Seltos Price in Kerala

The Kia Seltos approximate costs 10.90 Lakh in Kerala right now. This small SUV from Kia is a great mix of style, performance, and advanced technology, making it a cool choice for car fans in the area. It has a unique design, a nice interior, and different strong engine choices, giving you a good driving experience overall. The reasonable price in Kerala makes it easier for people who want a cool and versatile car that stands out on the state’s roads.

Kia Seltos Price in Kerala Mileage


The car comes with lots of safety features, including six airbags in the front, sides, and curtains for protection. It also has things like Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), and Hill Assist Control (HAC) to make sure you drive safely. The brakes are advanced with discs on all wheels, and there’s a system that monitors tire pressure for extra safety. Inside, the car has a cool digital display, bright headlamps, and a stylish sharkfin antenna.

Feature Details
Airbags 6 (Front, Side & Curtain Airbags)
All Wheel Disc Brakes Yes
Highline Tire Pressure Monitoring System Yes
Interior Features
Full Digital Cluster with 10.5 cm (4.2″) Color TFT MID Yes
Rear Door Sunshade Curtain Yes
Exterior Features
Halogen Projector Headlamps Yes
SharkFin Antenna Yes
Color Options
Exterior Clear White (solid), Sparkling Silver
Interior Black Satin Cloth, All Black Interiors
Overall Length 4365mm
Overall Height 1620mm
Overall Width 1800mm
Wheelbase 2610mm
Boot space 433l

Kia Seltos Mileage

The Kia Seltos impresses with its fuel efficiency, providing varying mileage options for both petrol and diesel variants. For the petrol model, drivers can expect a commendable mileage falling within the range of 17 kilometers per liter (kmpl) to 17.9 kmpl. On the diesel front, the Seltos showcases even more fuel efficiency, offering a mileage range spanning from 19.1 kmpl to 20.7 kmpl. Also check GMC Yukon Price.


The external aspects of the Kia Seltos, known as its outer features and appearance, cover various details about the car’s look. This includes things like the design, body structure, color choices, headlights, taillights, wheels, and anything else you can see on the outside of the car. Additionally, details about its size, such as length, width, height, and wheelbase, might also be part of this category.


This section focuses on what’s inside the Kia Seltos – the internal features. It tells us about how the cabin looks, what materials are used, how the seats are arranged, and what comfort features are available. Additionally, it talks about the technology inside the car, such as the seating capacity (how many people can comfortably fit), the infotainment system, connectivity options, and any special features you might find within the cabin.

Kia Seltos Price in Kerala Mileage

In summary, the Kia Seltos is a great pick for car lovers in Kerala. It comes with a good price and impressive mileage, making it a smart choice for people who want a fuel-efficient car. Whether you prefer petrol or diesel, there’s an option for you. The Seltos not only looks cool and has lots of features but also helps you save money by being efficient with fuel. It’s a well-rounded car that fits well in both the beautiful roads of Kerala and the busy city traffic. With its reasonable price and good mileage, the Kia Seltos is likely to be a popular and practical choice for drivers enjoying the lively scenes of Kerala.