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Toyota Gazoo Racing is the sports branch of the famous Japanese car company, Toyota. It’s well-known in the global racing world and has a strong background in motorsports. Toyota Gazoo Racing has been introducing its fast cars and racing knowledge to fans worldwide. Lately, people have been eagerly waiting to know when and how much Toyota Gazoo Racing cars will be available in India.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Price in India 2024

Toyota Gazoo Racing means fast cars, advanced technology, and a strong love for exciting races. They are known for doing well in different racing events like the World Rally Championship, Le Mans, and the World Endurance Championship. For people in India who love the excitement of racing, hearing that Toyota Gazoo Racing is coming to India is exciting. Check the prices from the given table.

Model Price Range (in INR) Approximate
Toyota GR Yaris 18 Lakh – 23 Lakh
Toyota GR86 20 Lakh – 25 Lakh
Toyota GR Corolla 35 Lakh – 39 Lakh
Toyota GR Supra 47 Lakh – 53 Lakh
Toyota Hilux GR Sport 50 Lakh
Toyota Fortuner GR Sport 53 Lakh
Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport 2.44 Crore

Toyota Gazoo Racing Price in India 2024


Toyota Gazoo Racing, the high-performance division of the renowned Japanese automaker, Toyota, has solidified its presence in the automotive world by offering a compelling lineup of vehicles that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology, powerful engines, and racing expertise. From the agile GR Yaris to the iconic GR Supra, each model is crafted to deliver an exhilarating driving experience.

Model Engine Type Power Output Transmission 0-60 mph Acceleration Top Speed
Toyota GR Yaris Turbocharged Inline-3 268 hp 6-Speed Manual/Automatic 5.5 seconds 143 mph
Toyota GR86 Boxer-4 232 hp 6-Speed Manual/Automatic 6.1 seconds 143 mph
Toyota GR Corolla Turbocharged Inline-3 Expected 300+ hp Expected 6-Speed Manual Expected <5 seconds Expected 155+ mph
Toyota GR Supra Turbocharged Inline-6 382 hp 8-Speed Automatic 3.9 seconds 155 mph (electronically limited)
Toyota Hilux GR Sport Turbocharged Inline-4 Diesel 201 hp 6-Speed Manual/Automatic Not specified Not specified
Toyota Fortuner GR Sport Turbocharged Inline-4 Diesel Expected 201 hp Expected 6-Speed Manual Not specified Not specified
Toyota Land Cruiser GR Sport Twin-Turbo V6 409 hp 10-Speed Automatic Not specified Not specified


The exterior design of Toyota Gazoo Racing vehicles is a testament to their racing pedigree. Expect aggressive styling, aerodynamic enhancements, and distinctive features that set these models apart. The exterior elements are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, contributing to improved performance and handling.

Signature design cues may include bold front grilles, sculpted body lines, and aerodynamic spoilers that emphasize the racing-inspired nature of these vehicles. High-performance tires and large alloy wheels are also common features, ensuring optimal grip and traction on the road or track.


Inside the cabin, Toyota Gazoo Racing models are likely to offer a driver-centric environment with a focus on both comfort and control. Expect sporty and supportive seats designed to keep the driver firmly in place during spirited driving. The interior materials are likely to reflect a combination of luxury and performance, with quality finishes and attention to detail.

Advanced technology features, such as a high-resolution infotainment system, digital instrument clusters, and connectivity options, may also be integrated to enhance the overall driving experience. The interior design is likely to evoke a sense of excitement and sophistication, creating a seamless connection between the driver and the high-performance capabilities of the vehicle.

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