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Excitement is building as car fans eagerly wait for the 2024 Honda Civic to hit Indian roads. The Honda Civic is known for being dependable, high-performing, and having a cool design. The new model is expected to keep up with these qualities and even exceed expectations. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the price of the highly anticipated Honda Civic and explore its awesome outside appearance and comfy inside features.

Honda Civic Price in India 2024

The 2024 Honda Civic is aiming to be affordable, starting at around INR 20 lakhs (approximate). This makes it a great choice for people who love Hondas and those who are buying a car for the first time. Honda wants to make sure the Civic is a stylish and reliable sedan that won’t break the bank.

City Price Range (Ex-Showroom)
Honda Civic Price in Delhi ₹20.68 to ₹26.43 Lakh
Honda Civic Price Kerala ₹21.82 to ₹28.29 Lakh
Honda Civic Price in Kolkata ₹19.81 to ₹24.60 Lakh
Honda Civic Price Chennai ₹21.52 to ₹27.17 Lakh
Honda Civic Price Hyderabad ₹21.35 Lakh to ₹26.54 Lakh
Honda Civic Price Bangalore ₹22.21 to ₹27.84 Lakh
Honda Civic Price Mumbai ₹21.16 to ₹27.14 Lakh

Honda Civic Price in India 2024 Mileage, Top Speed


The mileage or fuel efficiency of the Honda Civic is a crucial consideration for many prospective buyers. The 1.8L i-VTEC petrol engine variant typically offers a mileage of around 16-18 km/l under standard driving conditions. However, actual fuel efficiency may vary based on factors like driving habits, road conditions, and maintenance practices.

Specification Details
Engine 1.8L i-VTEC Petrol Engine
Transmission CVT Automatic or Manual
Maximum Power Around 140 bhp
Maximum Torque Approximately 174 Nm
Fuel Efficiency (Mileage) Around 16-18 km/l (may vary with driving conditions)
Fuel Type Petrol
Seating Capacity 5
Front Suspension McPherson Strut
Rear Suspension Multi-Link Suspension
Brakes (Front/Rear) Disc/Disc
Tyre Size 205/55 R16 or 215/50 R17
Wheelbase Approximately 2,700 mm
Length Around 4,656 mm
Width About 1,799 mm
Height Around 1,433 mm
Ground Clearance Approximately 170 mm
Boot Space Around 430 liters
Fuel Tank Capacity Approximately 47 liters
Safety Features ABS with EBD, Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA),
Honda LaneWatch, Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS),
Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Adaptive Cruise Control,
Rearview Camera, etc.
Infotainment System 7-inch Touchscreen Display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto,
Bluetooth Connectivity, Navigation (varies by trim)
Interior Features Leather Upholstery, Power-Adjustable Driver’s Seat,
Dual-Zone Automatic Climate Control, Push Button Start,
Steering Mounted Controls, etc.

The top speed of the Honda Civic varies slightly depending on the specific model and engine configuration. In general, the top speed for the standard Honda Civic models with a 1.8L i-VTEC petrol engine is around 190-200 km/h (118-124 mph). It’s important to note that these values are approximate and can be influenced by factors such as aerodynamics, vehicle weight, and road conditions.


The outside of the 2024 Honda Civic has a fresh and modern look that mixes sportiness with class. The front of the car has a strong grille and sharp LED headlights, giving it a powerful and confident look. The design of the hood and the lines on the car aren’t just for show – they also help the car use less fuel and perform better. Look at supra mk5 price in India.

On the sides, the Civic has a smooth shape with nicely shaped panels and big wheel arches. The roof slopes down towards the back, making the car look sporty. The back of the car has cool LED taillights and a spoiler that adds to its modern and unique design.


Once you step into the 2024 Honda Civic, you’ll notice the interior is stylish and made for the driver. The materials used in the cabin are top-notch, making it feel luxurious. The dashboard is set up well, with a touch screen in the middle that connects to your phone, helps with directions, and entertains you.

Honda Civic Price in India 2024 Mileage, Top Speed

The seats in the Civic are made for comfort, making long drives enjoyable. There’s plenty of room for your legs and head, making the inside feel spacious. You can choose from different seat cover options and even have ambient lighting for a fancy touch.

The technology in the 2024 Civic is impressive. It comes with safety features like systems that help prevent crashes, keep you in your lane, and control your speed. The entertainment system connects to your phone, and the controls are easy to use, making driving a breeze.

The 2024 Honda Civic is getting a lot of attention in India for good reasons. It’s a stylish and dependable car that’s also affordable. With its cool design outside and comfy features inside, the Civic is set to become a favorite for people looking for a great sedan in the Indian car market.
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