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Meet the Mazda RX-7, a cool and fast sports car that’s all about awesome design and exciting driving. It’s got this special rotary engine that makes it stand out. Now, it’s hitting the roads in India, bringing loads of power and a sleek look. The Mazda RX-7 is not just a car; it’s a thrilling experience. Get ready for a ride that’s stylish, strong, and super fun. Let’s check out what makes the Mazda RX-7 so cool on the roads of India!

Mazda Rx7 Price in India

As for its market status, the Mazda RX-7, priced between 12 to 15 lakh in the Indian market, is a sought-after vehicle among car enthusiasts and collectors. This price range makes it a valuable option for those seeking a blend of performance, style, and exclusivity. It’s important to note that the RX-7’s price can be influenced by various factors such as its condition, historical significance, rarity, and specific model or variant.

Mazda Rx7 Price in India Engine, Top Speed


The Mazda RX-7 is renowned for its unique Wankel rotary engine, a hallmark of its innovative design. This engine is noted for its compactness and high power output relative to its size, offering impressive horsepower and torque. The car is available in different transmission options, including both manual and automatic, catering to diverse driving preferences.

Feature Specification
Engine Twin-chamber rotary, twin-turbo
Max Power 237 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Max Torque 218 lb ft @ 5000 rpm
Weight 1284 kg
Power-to-weight 184 bhp/ton
0-60mph 5.4 sec (claimed)
Mazda Rx7 Speed 156 mph (limited)


The Mazda RX-7 looks cool and fast with its sleek design and low stance. It’s not just for show; the design helps it go faster. You can get it in different colors, and the paint looks really good and lasts a long time. The wheels and tires are chosen to make it even more sporty. It has fancy lights and you can add spoilers and trims to make it look even cooler. Overall, the exterior of the RX-7 not only looks good but also makes it drive better.

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Inside the Mazda RX-7, they made sure the driver feels comfy and connected. The seats are made to be comfortable without losing the cool sports car vibe. They used good materials like fabric or leather, depending on the model. The dashboard and controls are set up to be easy for the driver, with clear and simple displays. The entertainment system is modern and easy to use, making driving more enjoyable. Even though it’s a sporty car, the RX-7 has enough room inside, with space for legs and handy storage spots. Safety is important too, with things like airbags and smart driving help built in. Also have a look at Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

In India, the Mazda RX-7 combines style, comfort, and performance at a competitive price. The pricing is designed to provide enthusiasts with a taste of sports car luxury without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a speed enthusiast or someone looking for a stylish ride, the Mazda RX-7’s price in India makes it an enticing option for those seeking a perfect blend of excitement and affordability on the roads.