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The Defender is famous for its classic look that has stayed the same for many years. It has changed and improved over time, but it still keeps its unique shape and strong abilities. In the beginning, it was made as a practical and hardworking vehicle. But now, it’s not just for work; it’s a symbol of going on exciting journeys and discovering new places. The Defender has a history full of off-road adventures, and people all around the world love it. It mixes a timeless style with the latest technology, making it a car that stands for being flexible, tough, and always ready for new adventures.

Land Rover Defender 110 Price in India

The Land Rover Defender 110 is a tough and stylish SUV known for its great off-road abilities. It has a classic design and is seen as a symbol of strength and adventure, making it popular in the car world. In India, it’s a top choice for people who want a mix of luxury and strong performance. The price is ₹2.32 Crore (excluding taxes), and it reflects a dedication to quality and new ideas. This SUV offers a smooth drive that combines city style with off-road strength. Let’s look closer at its features, how well it performs, and why it’s a great choice for those who want top-notch cars.


The Land Rover Defender boasts an impressive set of specifications that make it a standout in the automotive landscape. With a range of engine options spanning from 1997 cc to 5000 cc, the Defender delivers a power-packed performance, generating between 296.3 and 517.63 bhp. The torque capabilities range from 400Nm to 625Nm, ensuring robust and dynamic driving experiences.

Category Range
Engine 1997 cc – 5000 cc
Power 296.3 – 517.63 bhp
Torque 400Nm – 625Nm
Seating Capacity 5, 6, 7
Drive Type AWD
Mileage 14.01 kmpl
Diesel Engine 2998 cc, 2997 cc
Petrol Engine 2998 cc, 2997 cc, 1997 cc, 1998 cc, 4997 cc, 5000 cc, 4998 cc
Transmission Automatic
Variant 6 seater, 8 cylinder
Dimensions Length: 4583mm, Width: 2105mm, Wheelbase: 2587mm

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The Land Rover Defender stands out in the SUV world with its iconic and rugged exterior design. This SUV is built tough, showcasing a robust construction with a distinctive boxy shape and a high beltline, embodying durability and strength. One of its standout features is the signature front grille, proudly displaying the Land Rover logo, accompanied by headlights that are not only functional but also add to its striking appearance.

Land Rover Defender 110 Price in India

Designed for off-road enthusiasts, the Defender comes equipped with features tailored for adventurous journeys. It boasts raised ground clearance, sturdy body panels, and protective skid plates, ensuring it can handle rough terrains with ease.


Step inside the Land Rover Defender, and you’ll discover a perfect blend of luxury and practicality designed to enhance your driving experience. The spacious cabin is thoughtfully laid out to ensure there’s plenty of room for both passengers and cargo, making those long journeys comfortable and enjoyable. What sets the interior apart is the use of high-quality materials, from soft-touch surfaces to premium upholstery, creating an atmosphere of refinement and durability.

Land Rover Defender 110 Price in India

The Land Rover Defender doesn’t just stop at luxury; it embraces cutting-edge technology to elevate your driving experience. With advanced infotainment systems featuring touchscreens, navigation, and seamless connectivity options, the Defender seamlessly integrates technology.

In conclusion, the Land Rover Defender 110 is a great mix of toughness and luxury. It’s priced well in India and gives you a unique driving experience with its cool design, strong performance, and fancy interior. The tough build, off-road skills, and high-tech features make it a top choice for people who want an adventurous but classy ride.